Catherine Rye
Your Pilates Instructor

My main aims in pilates classes are to ensure my clients have confidence in doing the pilates exercises & activating the core muscles correctly.

As an experienced Physiotherapist in the NHS, I have used pilates as a treatment for a wide variety of patients. I regularly use my physiotherapy knowledge to enhance my pilates teaching, and am able to tailor my classes to suit all abilities and alter exercises for those who are returning from injury.

As an APPI Pilates teacher, I am able to offer a wide range of specialist pilates sessions, including postnatal and children.  As a regular runner myself, I am excited to also offer a new 'pilates for runners' class specifically designed to improve running performance and help prevent against common injuries.


What do I need to bring to my pilates class?


We recommend wearing comfortable loose clothing to the class. You do not need to wear footwear during the class, however 'grippy' socks are recommended. Please bring a drink with you and a warmer top for the relaxation section of the class.


Please also bring a suitable pilates/yoga mat for use during classes.


All other equipment will be provided.

What should I do before my first class?


It is essential that you complete a health screening questionnaire before your first class. This is to ensure that the class is suitable for you and so that any exercises can be targeted to your specific needs. It is important to update me if you have any changes to your health or wellness.

What should I expect from my classes?


Classes are taught by an experienced physiotherapist and pilates instructor. Exercises are always taught so that you can work at your own level and progress at a pace that suits you. It is advised that you listen to your own body and do not push into pain with any of the exercises. Classes will consist of a warm up, exercises, relaxation section and a cool down.


How do I pay for my class?


Payments are made in blocks of 6 consecutive weeks (£10 per class). Payment must be made in advance of these sessions and refunds cannot be given for missed classes (see holiday exception below). Payment may be made via the website or in person.


Can I do the class if I am pregnant?


It is important that you let your teacher know that you are pregnant as exercises need to be adapted for you and your babies safety. Specific antenatal classes might be more suitable and give you a chance to meet other expectant Mums.

Can I do pilates if I am injured?


Any injury will be discussed with the physiotherapist and decided on an individual basis. It is important to disclose any injuries or medical conditions so your pilates class can meet your specific needs and personal goals.


Please note, we are unable to give specific physiotherapy advice during the class.


Will my pilates class be refunded if I am unwell or miss a session?


Unfortunately, as the classes are booked and paid for in blocks of 6 weeks, we cannot offer a refund if you are unable to attend due to illness or if you miss a session.


Can I cancel my pilates session for planned holidays?


If you let us know at the time of payment of any planned holiday dates these sessions will be cancelled and the sessions will be carried over.


If we are informed of holidays after payment has been made we will be unable to carry these sessions over.

What if the class has to be cancelled due to unforseen circumstances?


Class cancellations will be made by text message. Your class will be rescheduled if possible, however, if this is not possible a refund will be given for the cancelled classes.


How will my information be stored?


We value your privacy and any personal information will be stored as per the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) confidentiality policy.